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Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery

Online shoppers abandon purchases for reasons of user experience, costs, indecisions and technical issues. 48% of men and 63% of women would be more likely to return to a site to purchase if they received a reminder email with savings or coupons. You should know why customers leave your website without paying and fix them.

New Customer Acquisition Strategy

Most online businesses live and die by their online customer acquisition strategies. Each business is different and so you require right online marketing mix and social media engagement. You need formulate a scalable acquisition strategy to be successful.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) < (CLV) Customer Lifetime Value

Repeat Purchase Strategy

Repeat purchase is the key to make your online business profitable. Cross-sells, useful content, rewards, offers, brand loyalty and other emotional commitments often results into greater Customer Lifecycle Values.

Sales Growth Strategy

Many ways to increase your eCommerce sales like increasing your traffic and marketing spend, increasing average order values and repeat purchases, adding more marketing channels, optimizing marketing campaigns and conversion rates. But you need to evaluate right one which works best within your budget and time.

Targeting And Personalization

Your website cannot fit for everyone. You have customers at same time from different places, weather conditions, traffic sources, interests and buying intentions. They use different screen sizes and browsers to find your products. Now, they want custom and personalized experience when they purchase online.

SEO Audit And Strategy

SEO is an essence for every successful online business. Your website health can be affected because of many reasons like algorithm updates, backlinks updates, website upgrades and migration, content issues, technical problems and crawling errors. It is essential to find the issues and strategize to fix them.


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Website Redesign Planning And Strategy

When you have high-traffic and sales website, you become extra careful while thinking for website redesign because you have doubt if any adverse effects of redesign. What should be the successful website redesign plan in this case?


Website Architecture

Site architecture is the foundation of your website. It works great for user engagement, search engine ranking factors, bounce rate, time on site and pages per visit. Professional architects will look at the business's needs, the end user's habits, what technology has to offer, and then create a blueprint for how to organize the website so that it will meet all these needs.

Wireframe Design

Wireframe is a blueprint of your website. It is the best way to present the design concept how information and content will visible, accessible, functional and usable. It saves time and costs in designing and gives clear ideas to developers coding the website.

Content Strategy

Content is the most convenient way to connect with the customers. It works great to engage with your customers on website and social media. Online customers consume different content in buying stage. They start buying journey with research then consideration and last decision to purchase. Effective content strategy lies on buyers' personas, buying intentions and online shopping journeys.

Page Speed Optimization

1 second delay page load time equal to 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Imagine how much business you can save by just improving page load time. Too many reasons lead to slow page speed and paralyzed visitors like scripts, images, server response time and coding style. Your website must load faster it can; across all devices and maintain it consistently.

User Testing And Optimization

User testing is assigning a task to users to perform and get their feedback. When you are facing navigation issues, cart abandonment, cross channel confusion, lower conversion rates and brand perceptions, you can learn optimize eCommerce flow to mitigate these issues and how can we add into our design style.


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Analytics Strategy

It aligns analytics development and capabilities with performance goals, helps to achieve optimal use of analytics and high-value information resource.

Google Tag Manager

It uses for user behavior analysis and optimization of digital marketing strategies on websites and apps directly, easily and effectively handled. It saves time, costs and increases overall ROI. It gives you facts and data to make changes on your websites based on data rather guesses.

Enhanced ECommerce Tracking

It enables you to measure product impressions and clicks, Add/Remove from cart, promotion impressions and clicks, checkouts, purchases, refunds and more.

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